Britt Napier: Director's Statement

Growing up in Naples, Florida, I discovered my love for horror at the age of eight.  At a friend’s birthday party, I accidentally watched THE SHINING, mistaking it for the latest Disney movie.  Between MY LITTLE PONY and birthday cake, I had somehow managed to get my hands on what is considered one of the greatest thriller/horror movies of all time.  Scarred for life (thank you Mr. Kubrick), my fascination with this particular genre began.


When the DARKROOM script came across my desk, I was enthralled with the emotional and physical intensity of the characters. The siblings are tortured souls unwilling to acknowledge their own psychosis.  Our lead, Michelle, struggles to escape while also dealing with her own dark secret. Each character’s past keeps them bound to the dangerous reality of their present. I was hooked…and I had to direct it...

I am extremely grateful for my wonderful cast and crew who pulled out all the stops to make this film come true.

Napier is currently producing an animated feature in Los Angeles, CA and resides in New York City.

Behind the Scenes

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